Data Privacy Day

Today, 28 January, is Data Privacy Day, a day to reflect on the protection of privacy and personal data.

This is the perfect time to review your company's privacy policies and practices. After all, data protection is a dynamic obligation.

Did you draft records of processing activities and are they still up-to-date?

Have you concluded a processing agreement with all of your processors?

Have you already mapped your international data flows and ensured the right transfer mechanisms?

Have you prepared a data protection impact assessment for higher-risk processing operations?

Do you have privacy notices for employees, job applicants, (contacts persons at) customers and suppliers, consultants, consumers, website visitors, ... and an adequate policy for specific data processing (ICT policy/e-monitoring, surveillance cameras, geolocation, biometrics, ...)?

Are you prepared for a quick response in the event of a data breach?

Also remember to (re)train your employees in time because as an employer you remain responsible for any violations.

Our Data Protection Team is ready to advise and assist you in all steps of your data privacy compliance policy.